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About Us

Electronics Era provides coverage of Electronics, Technology and the Market around the globe. We provide insightful articles, attracting the industry’s largest, qualified and highly engaged readers. who appreciate our timely & rich content.

Our target audience are design engineers and purchasing professionals. Our in-depth technical content delivers what they are looking for & they really weave out many ideas out of it.

Electronic Era helps you build awareness, drive traffic, communicate your offerings to the right audience, generate leads and sell your products better. We keep out content updated with the changing technologies, anticipating reader preference and delivering on advertiser demands for measurable results. Offered in print & digital versions.

The Electronics Era continues to inspire a devoted global audience– the largest qualified readership of any industry brand. Our readers are R&D professionals, researchers and product designers, OEMs and systems integrator.

Ashok Kumar is the Founder/Owner of Electronics Era. Electronics Era a media research and innovations advocacy organisation that he founded in April 2022. The company, since 2022, has been publishing premier monthly print magazines such as “Electronics Era”.

Now, these publications focus upon a variety of themes such as Semiconductor, Sensor, Automotive Electronics, EVs, HEVs, Medical Electronics, technology, Start-Up, Renewable, Sustainability, Smart City, AI / ML , IoT and Tech Industry.